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a history of the Rudeen and Rademacher Families

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Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA


Tree: Rudeen-Rademacher

City/Town : Latitude: 41.1166992, Longitude: -96.6367035


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Roy Gottfred  6 Apr 1904Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6681 Rudeen-Rademacher 
2 Bendz, Clifton Oliver  28 Feb 1905Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6759 Rudeen-Rademacher 
3 Brodd, Evald Conrad  27 Sep 1906Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I1295 Rudeen-Rademacher 
4 Hagstrom, Alice Augusta Lusch  18 Sep 1887Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6803 Rudeen-Rademacher 
5 Hanson, Esther Pauline  5 Jul 1904Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I202 Rudeen-Rademacher 
6 Hanson, Myrtle Elvira  22 Sep 1902Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I200 Rudeen-Rademacher 
7 Hanson, Paul Edward  28 Apr 1900Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I199 Rudeen-Rademacher 
8 Hanson, Wallace Edward  30 Jun 1903Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I201 Rudeen-Rademacher 
9 Johnson, Vendella (Della) Cornelia  3 May 1903Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I7052 Rudeen-Rademacher 
10 Martinson, Anna  24 Mar 1871Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I195 Rudeen-Rademacher 
11 Martinson, Charles Edward  7 Aug 1895Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6899 Rudeen-Rademacher 
12 Martinson, Dwight Leland  10 Jan 1923Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6826 Rudeen-Rademacher 
13 Martinson, Edith Anna Pauline  14 Apr 1900Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6901 Rudeen-Rademacher 
14 Martinson, Ella (Ellen)  12 Apr 1880Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6752 Rudeen-Rademacher 
15 Martinson, Emil L  8 May 1883Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6753 Rudeen-Rademacher 
16 Martinson, Emil Vincent  9 Jun 1919Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6824 Rudeen-Rademacher 
17 Martinson, Evelyn Viola Clarinda  27 Apr 1902Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6902 Rudeen-Rademacher 
18 Martinson, Frances Gertrude  1 Sep 1911Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6701 Rudeen-Rademacher 
19 Martinson, Fred L  6 Nov 1876Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6746 Rudeen-Rademacher 
20 Martinson, Harry Clarance  16 Feb 1897Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6900 Rudeen-Rademacher 
21 Martinson, Helen Eleanora  28 Apr 1909Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6903 Rudeen-Rademacher 
22 Martinson, Hilda  31 Jul 1878Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6751 Rudeen-Rademacher 
23 Martinson, Hulda  21 Jan 1875Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I198 Rudeen-Rademacher 
24 Martinson, Ida  4 Sep 1877Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I431 Rudeen-Rademacher 
25 Martinson, Mamie Marie  18 Mar 1908Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6682 Rudeen-Rademacher 
26 Martinson, Marian Clarice  10 Feb 1921Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6825 Rudeen-Rademacher 
27 Martinson, Mary  27 Oct 1872Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6749 Rudeen-Rademacher 
28 Martinson, Mathilda  16 Feb 1873Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I430 Rudeen-Rademacher 
29 Martinson, Nels L  4 Jan 1875Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6750 Rudeen-Rademacher 
30 Martinson, Selma L  1 Sep 1886Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6754 Rudeen-Rademacher 
31 Martinson, William Wilbert  28 Dec 1893Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6898 Rudeen-Rademacher 
32 Nelson, Lenore E  7 Jun 1911Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6808 Rudeen-Rademacher 
33 Nordstrom, Ellen J  20 Mar 1876Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6897 Rudeen-Rademacher 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Roy Gottfred  Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6681 Rudeen-Rademacher 
2 Brodd, Clara Elizabeth  10 Dec 1882Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I627 Rudeen-Rademacher 
3 Martinson, Ella (Ellen)  Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6752 Rudeen-Rademacher 
4 Martinson, Emil L  Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6753 Rudeen-Rademacher 
5 Martinson, Frances Gertrude  Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6701 Rudeen-Rademacher 
6 Martinson, Fred L  Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6746 Rudeen-Rademacher 
7 Martinson, Hilda  Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6751 Rudeen-Rademacher 
8 Martinson, Mamie Marie  Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6682 Rudeen-Rademacher 
9 Martinson, Mary  Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6749 Rudeen-Rademacher 
10 Martinson, Nels L  Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6750 Rudeen-Rademacher 
11 Martinson, Selma L  Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6754 Rudeen-Rademacher 
12 Pearson, Marjorie Yvonne  13 Apr 1924Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6673 Rudeen-Rademacher 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Anna  11 Dec 1910Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6894 Rudeen-Rademacher 
2 Bendz, Clifton Oliver  5 May 1977Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6759 Rudeen-Rademacher 
3 Brodd, Anders Gustaf  3 Oct 1933Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I1204 Rudeen-Rademacher 
4 Hanson, Myrtle Elvira  10 Apr 1903Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I200 Rudeen-Rademacher 
5 Hanson, Paul Edward  8 May 1900Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I199 Rudeen-Rademacher 
6 Johansdotter, Gustafva  19 May 1930Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I1205 Rudeen-Rademacher 
7 Mårtensdotter, Bengta  16 Oct 1915Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I1510 Rudeen-Rademacher 
8 Mårtensson, Jöns  25 Jan 1901Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I425 Rudeen-Rademacher 
9 Mårtensson, Nils  1 Dec 1913Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I1509 Rudeen-Rademacher 
10 Martinson, Betty N  10 Oct 1933Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6896 Rudeen-Rademacher 
11 Martinson, Harry Clarance  3 Dec 1970Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6900 Rudeen-Rademacher 
12 Martinson, Nels  25 Mar 1943Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I428 Rudeen-Rademacher 
13 Martinson, Selma L  10 Apr 1894Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6754 Rudeen-Rademacher 
14 Svensdotter, Nilla  25 Mar 1917Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I426 Rudeen-Rademacher 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID   Tree 
1 Petersson, Anders Gustaf  13 Jan 1907Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I1425 Rudeen-Rademacher 

Church Record - Swedish American

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Church Record - Swedish American    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brodd, Anders Gustaf  10 Dec 1882Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I1204 Rudeen-Rademacher 
2 Brodd, Anna Matilda  10 Dec 1882Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I1206 Rudeen-Rademacher 
3 Brodd, Augusta Charlotta  10 Dec 1882Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I1208 Rudeen-Rademacher 
4 Brodd, Carl Herman  10 Dec 1882Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I1209 Rudeen-Rademacher 
5 Brodd, Clara Elizabeth  10 Dec 1882Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I627 Rudeen-Rademacher 
6 Brodd, Johan August  10 Dec 1882Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I1207 Rudeen-Rademacher 
7 Johansdotter, Gustafva  10 Dec 1882Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I1205 Rudeen-Rademacher 
8 Nilsdotter, Bengta  Between 1889 and 1900Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I1963 Rudeen-Rademacher 
9 Olson, Emma Mathilda  Between 1889 and 1900Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I7711 Rudeen-Rademacher 
10 Olsson, Mathilda  Between 1889 and 1900Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I7713 Rudeen-Rademacher 
11 Olsson, Nils  Between 1889 and 1900Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I1957 Rudeen-Rademacher 
12 Olsson, Oskar  Between 1889 and 1900Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I7712 Rudeen-Rademacher 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Confirmation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Martinson, Fred L  15 May 1892Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6746 Rudeen-Rademacher 
2 Pearson, Marjorie Yvonne  1938Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA I6673 Rudeen-Rademacher 


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Anderson / Martinson  7 Feb 1929Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA F2107 Rudeen-Rademacher 
2 Bendz / Martinson  6 Jul 1898Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA F2130 Rudeen-Rademacher 
3 Brodd / Bengtson  18 Dec 1901Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA F416 Rudeen-Rademacher 
4 Hagstrom / Martinson  19 Mar 1902Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA F2133 Rudeen-Rademacher 
5 Hanson / Martinson  23 Dec 1891Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA F52 Rudeen-Rademacher 
6 Hanson / Martinson  8 Feb 1899Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA F53 Rudeen-Rademacher 
7 Mårtensson / Johnson  27 Jul 1871Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA F2129 Rudeen-Rademacher 
8 Martinson / Nelson  3 Apr 1907Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA F2103 Rudeen-Rademacher 
9 Martinson / Nordstrom  28 Jan 1893Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA F2177 Rudeen-Rademacher 
10 Martinson / Person  19 Mar 1902Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA F2131 Rudeen-Rademacher 
11 Meduna / Martinson  3 Aug 1927Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA F2182 Rudeen-Rademacher 
12 Udd / Martinson  16 Mar 1932Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA F2112 Rudeen-Rademacher 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Brodd / Bengtson  18 Dec 1901Swedeburg, Saunders, Nebraska, USA F416 Rudeen-Rademacher 

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